If you’d like to place a catering order just give us a call at 517.764.0679.

A 50% deposit is required when you place your order. Carry-Out Menu (PDF)

Our permanent menu for the Crane Café is below, but we feature special dishes for events and other occasions. Stop by to see our specials and soup selections!

Please note that due to food regulations, no outside food or beverage is permitted.

V = vegetarian                GF = gluten-free


(V) Garlic crostini with goat cheese & herbed tomatoes  $6.25

(V) Cheese & apple plate  $6.50

(V) Bar cheese with baguette slices & celery  $6.50

(V) Pesto & sun-dried tomato cheese spread with crackers or baguette slices $6.95

(V) GF Local hummus trio with veggies & baguette slices  $6.75

Local Smoked Trout Spread with cucumber slices and baguette slices or crackers $7.95

Charcuterie board salami, prosciutto, cheeses, your choice of tiny cornichon pickles or tree-ripened olives, whole-grain mustard & baguette slices  $11.50 (available Thursday through Sunday)

(V) Pesto & sun dried tomato cheese spread with crackers or baguette slices $6.95

(V) (GF) Homemade Hummus with veggies & crackers- ask for the flavor of the day! $6.75

Spreadable Sampler Samples of our 3 spreads: bar cheese, trout spread, and hummus, served with veggies & baguettes slices or crackers $7.75


Check the board in the café for the day’s soup selections! There is always a vegetarian option.

Cup of soup  $4.25  ·   BIG bowl of soup with oyster crackers $5.75


Choice of house made ranch or Sassy Rosé vinaigrette dressing

(V)(GF) Michigan Salad: Mixed greens with dried cherries, toasted pecans & goat cheese $7.50

(V) House Salad: mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, peppers & sunflower seeds  $5.95

Add chicken breast to the above salads for an extra $3.00

(GF) Chicken & Bacon Salad: chicken, apple slices, dried cranberries, walnuts, feta cheese & bacon crumbles on mixed greens  $8.75


Your choice of Zingerman’s or gluten-free bread; all sandwiches are available ungrilled. Served with Better Made potato chips.

Not Just for Thanksgiving: Turkey, cranberry sauce & brie panini on Rustic Italian  $8.50

(V) Tonya’s: Granny Smith apple, brie & apricot jam panini on Whole Wheat Farmhouse  $7.95

(V) The Mozz: Fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato & pesto panini on Rustic Italian $8.25

Salami & Provolone Panini on Rustic Italian  $7.50

(V) PB&J: Peanut butter & homemade Frontenac jelly panini on Rustic Italian  $5.25

Italian Sub: salami, ham, turkey, provolone & Greystone garlic pepper cream cheese on French hoagie bun   $8.50

Homestyle Meatloaf: A thick slice of meatloaf, lettuce, pickle & mayo on Rustic Italian  $8.75

BLT (sugar cured, hardwood smoked bacon) on toasted Rustic Italian with mayo  $8.25

Maggie’s Club: turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone, and guacamole on toasted Rustic Italian  $8.75

(V) Black Bean Burger: Spicy {vegan} black bean burger on toasted Whole Wheat Farmhouse with tomato, lettuce, guacamole & salsa spread  $8.50

(V) Grilled 3 Cheese: Provolone, cheddar, and pepper jack on Rustic Italian  $7.75

BBQ Chicken Wrap: Chicken, sauteed onions & red peppers mixed in our own BBQ sauce made with Staccato and Nutella, wrapped in a flour tortilla with a slice of pepperjack and grilled on the panini press.  $8.95

Local Harvest– Locally produced ham, smoked provolone, maple dijon & granny smith apples on rustic. $8.95

1/2 & 1/2 Combo: Pick any two – cup of soup, salad, or sandwich  $8.95 (Combo upgrades: Michigan salad add $1.25; Chicken & bacon salad add $2.25) **Sandwiches not available as halves: BBQ Chicken wrap, Meatloaf, Black Bean Burger, Chicken Salad Wrap**


Cookies: Bacon chocolate chip, (V) Oatmeal dried cherry pecan or (V) Potato chip chocolate chip – $1.25 each

(V)(GF) Almond Joy & port sundae with Moo-ville Almond Joy coconut ice cream with almonds, coconut, and chocolate chips drizzled with our 840 port. $5.25

(V)(GF) Raspberry Chocolate Sundae with Calder Dairy vanilla ice cream, raspberry wine & fresh raspberries  $5.25

(GF) (V) Annies Swell Sundae Moo-ville Maple ice cream drizzled with Annies’s Mapleshine and topped with chopped pecans $525


We proudly serve Zingermans coffee brewed fresh, daily- small: $1.75 large: $1.95

We have Zingermans coffee available for purchase in the café, and will happily grind it for you before you leave!

Teapot – small $2.00, large $2.50  Teas available: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Dragonwell Lung (green), Crimson Berry Fruit Tisane (herbal), Peppermint (herbal), Chamomile (herbal)


Lemonade or Iced Tea – small: $1.75 Large: $2.00

Soda – $1.89 (free refills) – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Vernors, Dr. Pepper, Fanta Orange