Wines listed in italics are currently out of stock. Bottle size is listed in parentheses.Vignoles2013_v

2013 Sur Lie Chardonnay -Fermented in French oak barrels “on the lees” (yeast particles, etc that fall to the bottom of the barrel) for more complexity, this creamy Chardonnay has aromas and flavors of buttery toffee and toasted hazelnuts, with a crisp tart apple finish.  $24.95 (750 ml)

2013 Vintner’s Select Riesling – Our dry Riesling features a delicate minerality, characteristic of this varietal. Chamomile on the nose, bright acidity, and a long, smooth finish. $18.95 (750 ml)

2014 Vignoles – Ripe peach, tropical fruits, and orange blossom on the nose. Flavors of sweet grapefruit and juicy peach with honey and tangerine on the finish. Refreshing! $15.95 (750 ml)

2013 Sassy Rosé – Dry Cabernet Franc rosé — deceptively sweet with soft strawberry flavors and a spicy dry finish. $17.95 (750 ml)

Chanson – Pronounced “shan-SOHN”, this wine reflects its name: a beautiful French song. Orange blossom, vanilla, and lime on the nose, and notes of tangerine. A creamy mouth-feel, with soft acidity on the finish, light citrusy notes, and delicate oak from aging in oak barrels.  $13.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

2012 Proprietor’s Reserve Traminette – A dry, estate-grown Traminette, barrel-fermented and left on the lees for 5 months. This special wine was aged for 10 months in gently toasted oak barrels that are designed to enhance the aromatic delicacy and fruitiness in white wines. Flavors of buttery tropical nuts and lime are well-balanced with the toastiness of the oak. Limited release.  $24.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

2013 Pinot Grigio – Delicate pear with tropical notes; light and soft with a hint of minerality. Lovely summer wine.  $16.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

2013 Legacy – An off-dry blend of Chardonnay and Vignoles. Crisp and fruity with peach, honey, and melon notes on the nose. Flavors of peach, green apple and tangerine with a long, clean finish. We donate $4 from the sale of each bottle to the Legacy Land Conservancy — a 37 yr old accredited land trust protecting local nature and farmland, including many acres in the nearby Waterloo Recreation Area. $19.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK