Fruit and Dessert Wines

Wines listed in italics are currently out of stock. Bottle size is listed in parenthesesMood Indigo with glass.

Apple Crisp – Estate-grown blend of apples: Honeycrisp, Gala, Jonafree, Fuji, and Empire. Comforting fall flavors with a crisp finish! Enjoy chilled or warm it with mulling spices.  $15.95 (750 ml)

Strawberry – Fragrant with the heady scent of homemade strawberry jam. The adult version of a childhood favorite.  $15.95 (375 ml)

2013 Late Harvest Riesling – Rich dried apricots on the nose and soft flavors of tangerine and ripe tropical fruit with citrus zest on the finish. $21.95 (375 ml)

2012 Sweet Ellie – Ellie, our former vineyard dog, supervised the growing of this lovely blend of estate-grown grapes. Primarily Traminette, the light, sweet blend also includes Vidal Blanc, Vignoles, and Chardonel. Elegant, with the fruity flavors of dried apricots and peach cobbler. Perfect with sweet cheeses and light desserts.  $21.95 (375 ml)

Dolce – Soft, sweet, and warming like the musical term from which it gets its name, Dolce is a fortified apple dessert wine made with estate-grown Mutsu and Fuji apples. A woodsy autumn nose with bright, crisp apple notes and a tart finish.  $21.95 (375 ml)

840 – Made with estate-grown Chambourcin and Frontenac and aged in special American and French oak barrels, this luscious port-style wine exhibits a nose of molasses and caramelized sugar. The velvety mouth feel is accompanied by flavors of black cherry and dried plum, with coffee, nuts & spice on the finish. Try a 1 ounce taste for $5, including a disc of Mindo dark chocolate with dried cherries – the perfect pairing!  $48.00 (500 ml)

840 Reserve – We aged our 840 port for four years in one French and American oak barrel designed specifically to bring out the tannins in French hybrid grapes. The result is this very special 840 Reserve. Dried fruit, toasted walnuts, vanilla, and a hint of nutmeg on the nose; smooth, silky mouthfeel with flavors of warm cocoa and rich spice. Extremely limited release — only one barrel is available every four to five years! Try a 1 ounce taste for $5, including a disc of Mindo dark chocolate with dried cherries. $84.00 (500 ml)

Raspberry Rosé – A crisp blend of citrusy Chardonel and our luscious sweet-tart raspberry wine.  $13.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Apple Mead – Soft, yet crisp, our Apple Mead is a combination of sweetness from local honey and the tartness of our estate-grown apples. It’s great warmed with mulling spices!  $15.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Veranda – A rich, luscious magenta-colored mead with black raspberry and chocolate on the nose and flavors of sweet dark plum. Reminiscent of an old-fashioned wine, Veranda is made with estate-grown grapes and local honey. Now in a full-sized bottle!  $16.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Rhapsody in Red – Rich and smooth with a velvety full-mouth feel and tart raspberry on the finish. We love it with salami and/or bacon chocolate chip cookies! Limit 4 bottles per purchase.  $15.95 (750 ml) Chocolate-covered – $27.95 — OUT OF STOCK

Blue Skies – Soft, floral mead made with local honey and blueberries. The intense blueberry flavor is like liquid blueberry pie! Each bottle includes a $4 donation to the Dahlem Conservancy. The Dahlem Conservancy provides environmental education and land conservancy services to the residents of south central Michigan. They have strived to help bring back the bluebird to Michigan.  $16.95 (375 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Mood Indigo – A lush port-style wine made with fresh Michigan blueberries. Drink it with good cheeses or a dense slice of New York-style cheesecake.  $25.95 (375 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Sugar Snow – Made with maple sap from a local farm family, this soft, subtle unfiltered fortified wine is lightly sweetened with pure local maple syrup. Drink it as you would a sweet sherry or a Sauternes.  $19.50 (375 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Raspberry Mead – Our amazing raspberry mead is made with gorgeous local raspberries and local wildflower honey. Deep garnet red with a soft, rich flavor.  $21.95 (375 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Raspberry – Our spectacular dessert wine is made of raspberries from neighboring farms. Intense raspberry flavor and jewel-like color characterize this extraordinary wine. Pair it with good dark chocolate for an unforgettable dessert. Indulge yourself! Also available in a chocolate-covered bottle.  $21.95 (375 ml) Chocolate-covered – $32.95 — OUT OF STOCK

2008 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine – Our winemaker produces this spectacular dessert wine from grapes grown in Southwest Michigan. It’s made in the traditional way – with grapes frozen on the vine and picked (and processed) at night in the dead of winter. It features lovely dried apricot flavors and the clear honeyed sweetness that you can only find in real ice wine. ($5 for a one ounce taste)  $42.50 (375 ml) — OUT OF STOCK