Wines in italics are currently out of stock. Bottle size is listed in parentheses.Chancellor2011_v

2012 Pinot Noir – Rose, cocoa, fresh tarragon, and smokey cedar on the nose. Flavors of strawberry and dark cherry; full-bodied with a robust tannin structure. $21.95 (750 ml)

2012 Cabernet Franc – Notes of cocoa and herbaceous juniper on the nose. Flavors of black currant and plum with a strong tannin structure and a long aromatic finish.  $21.95 (750 ml)

2012 Merlot – Hints of violet, cherry, and cedar on the nose. Rich berry flavors echo in a long finish with warm spices and soft tannins. $21.95 (750 ml)

2011 Merlot (Not available for tasting) – Luxurious notes of buttery toffee and hints of strawberry. Originally released in January 2015, we loved this gold medal winner so much that we saved a few cases! The winemaker is reluctantly letting it go… Lucky you! Limit 2 bottles – discounts do not apply. $34.95 (750 ml)

2012 Proprietor’s Reserve Chancellor – A limited edition wine made with estate-grown Chancellor grapes. This rich, velvety red has dark chocolate, rose petals, and cedar on the nose with bold flavors of blackberry and plum. Even more wonderful as it ages… if you can hide it for a couple years! Limit 2 bottles.  $24.95 (750 ml)

Abrazo – Spanish for hug, Abrazo is a silky, soft, off-dry red blend with flavors of black cherry and cocoa. Abrazo was developed to thank the Cascades Humane Society for rescuing Rusty (pictured on the label) from the county animal pound on his last day. Rusty, one of the world’s greatest huggers, now lives with our winemaker Holly. We donate $3 of every bottle purchased to the Cascades Humane Society.  $18.95 (750 ml)

Mystic – An earthy off-dry blend of blueberry and Chancellor, with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla. Delicious chilled or room temperature!  $18.95 (750 ml)

Night of the Living Red – Fun, playful semi-sweet red seasoned with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, orange peel… and essence of fresh-squeezed zombies! Purchase includes a $2 donation to the label artist’s college fund. $16.95 (750 ml)

Revenge of the Living Red – Devilishly hot version of our Night of the Living Red — spiced semi-sweet red wine spiked with estate-grown hot peppers… and essence of fresh-squeezed zombies, of course! Includes a $2 donation to the label artist’s art college fund. $17.95 (750 ml)

2012 Syrah – Earthy notes of tree moss, sandalwood, and leather on the nose. Intense and aromatic with flavors of blackberry and allspice; pleasant tannins. $21.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon – Our 2012 vintage features plum, black cherry, vanilla, and spicy, sweet pipe tobacco on the nose. Rich, silky mouthfeel, and a long finish with flavors of black cherry and vanilla. Perfect for curling up by the fire with a fuzzy blanket and a good book! $21.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

2012 Noiret – Rich, dry red wine with spicy black pepper and fresh thyme on the nose. Hints of vanilla, blackberry, and black pepper with a long, rich vanilla finish and a fine tannin structure.  $21.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK

Staccato – Fruit forward with black cherry, plum, and cedar on the nose. Flavors of blackberry, ripe plum, and violet, with black pepper on the finish. Pairs well with spicy red sauces (BBQ, Italian, or Mexican) and grilled meats.  $14.95 (750 ml) — OUT OF STOCK