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Dogs of the Vineyard Calendar 2023
Photoshoot, Contest & Calendar

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Staff Dogs of the Vineyard

Gypsy, German Shepard 🐾 December 24, 2018

Gypsy is complex like our Estate Marquette. She’s full of energy and is always ready to play toy keep away, or rope and tug-of-war. Gypsy's a rescue who loves a unique treat of cherry stems. SCV's owners, Holly & Kirk, have a passion for dogs and rescues. Gypsy is a part of their family!

Lucy, Beagle Mix  🐾  June 20, 2020

Lucy loves furry toys and all food! She's very sweet and huggable like Rhapsody in Red. Lucy’s a rescue who loves everyone & hugging people. Lucy is also a part of Holly & Kirk's family!

Mia, Pit Mix  🐾  September 23, 2019

Mia is a rescue who loves coming to the winery on a Late Night Friday to dog biscuits, pets from people and other dogs! She’s sweet, easy-going and easy to love just like our wine, Blue Skies.
 is also a part of Holly & Kirk's family!

Poppy 🐾 10 years old 

Poppy loves milk bones, her chipmunk and walks. Poppy's bossy and loves to bark at other dogs. She's the pup of Matthew, who has worked in the cellar for over 10 years, and pairs best with Pinot Noir.

Chewie, Mini Pincher/Shih Tzu 🐾 October 30, 2012
Chewie’s favorite toy is his squeaky penguin. He loves carrots more than anything for a snack and pairs best with Sassy Rosé! He thinks everyone comes over just to see him. Chewie loves his momma, Lori, our SCV Café Manager so much, he wouldn't take his eyes off of her!

Remi, Chihuahua 🐾 October 7, 2015
Mercedes, who has worked in the café for several years, got Remi as a puppy and he went blind at age 1. He’s a good dog and shares a birthday with Mercedes! He loves his squeaky squirrel, any treats, and

pairs best with Night of the Living Red.

Olivia, Rudy & Millie 🐾 Beagles 
All three were adopted through the Beagle Rescue. Olivia is 12, Rudy is 6, and Millie’s around 2 or 3. Food and sleeping are the mainstay of their lives. All pair best with Staccato! These three are a part of Judy's family. Judy is one of our bartenders who's been working on and

off at the winery since the beginning, so several years!

Luna, Australian Cattle Dog 🐾  December 21, 2019

Luna is smart and full of spice, like Revenge of the Living Red.  She loves her human sister so much and could run miles & miles a day if given the chance. She can catch a frisbee like a pro and loves playing with walnuts when they fall. Luna's a part of Jenna's family,
our social media/content creator!

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