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"Throughout his 91 years of life, Norm served as a member of the navy in WWII, worked as a police officer in Detroit, and safety officer at McLouth Steel all while pursuing his countless creative interests on the side. In the 1960s he received the Golden Hammer award from Popular Mechanix magazine for the cabin cruiser he built by himself. When Norm set his mind to something, he couldn't be stopped; but when he first started growing grapes in his yard, he never expected the little hobby would transform into a lively business 25 years later. With his family at his side, he was able to create a place that brings the community together by building a huge, growing family of its own. So even though he is no longer with us, Norm's legacy will always be alive in the vineyard."

Norm Moffatt (1927-2019)

The founder of Sandhill Crane Vineyards in Leoni Township.

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