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Semi-Sweet Wines

0.5% to 4% Residual Sugar

Lakedaze 16 | 7
A slightly sweet white blend with flavors of peach, tropical fruits and citrus with a touch of minerality on the finish. 
Label artwork by Robyn Ladwig.

2018 Riesling 20 | 7
Minerality, chamomile, and tropical notes on the nose. Flavors of pineapple, juicy ripe peach, and tangerine zest, with a soft mouth feel.


2020 Traminette 20  |  7 
Lychee, passionfruit, and lemongrass on the nose. Tropical and honeysuckle flavors with Meyer lemon on the finish. Pairs beautifully with Thai and other Asian foods.

Seyval Blanc 18 | 8 - NEW!
Aromas of sweet lemon. Flavors of soft juicy clementine and lemon curd with a bright finish.

Serenade 18 | 7
Our sweeter version of Vignoles with flavors of ripe ruby grapefruit, melon and kiwi. Hints of acidic tangerine on the finish.

Solstice 18 | 7
Perfect for summer! Ripe peaches and mango on the nose. Light and delicate, with flavors of peach and guava. Lovely tropical notes! A bright, crisp finish with a touch of acidity and a hint of honey.

Blushing Crane 17 | 8 - Release Date: May 26th!
A juicy blast of guava and fresh strawberry. A perfect wine for sitting on the deck and enjoying the sunshine!

Apple Crisp 16 | 7
A blend of estate grown honey crisp, gala, and empire apples. Comforting fall flavors with a crisp finish.

Raspberry Rosé 20 | 7
A crisp blend of citrusy Chardonel and our luscious sweet-tart raspberry wine. Ripe raspberry and lemon zest notes.

Staccato 22 | 7
Soft and rounded, this red blend is very smooth and easy to drink, with a touch of sweetness to enhance the fruit qualities on the palate. Notes of dried fruit and ripe berries are present on both the nose and palate. 
Label artwork by Robyn Ladwig.

Revenge of the Living Red 20 | 7
Devilishly hot version of our Night of the Living Red- spiced semi sweet red wine spiked with hot peppers! …and essence of fresh-squeezed zombies, of course. 

After Sundown 30  |  8
Night of the Living Red aged in Bourbon Barrel for a year. Black cherry and toffey on the nose with warm spices, notes of caramel and dried cranberry on the finish.

Veranda 28 | 7
A rich, luscious magenta colored mead with flavors of black raspberry and dark chocolate. Pure velvet! Reminiscent of an old- fashioned wine. Veranda is made with estate grown Frontenac grapes and local honey.


Rhapsody in Red 23  |  8
A really creative, well balanced wine made of Chancellor and Chambourcin blended with our sweet raspberry dessert wine. Richness and texture from the wine is all lifted with brightness and fresh raspberry notes. Amazing with chocolate! Label artwork by Robyn Ladwig.

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