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at sandhill

Sandhill Crane artwork by Lindsey Dahl of Wildfeather Studio

Highlighting local, original artists through featured artists year round
and Summer Solstice Art & Music Festival, June 29th!

Current Featured Artist:
Skeins of VAlor


April Vilminot is a fiber artist from Jackson, Michigan who has been working with fibers since 7 years old, making it a full time passion-filled job starting in 2020. April works in a variety of mediums including cotton, recycled cord and many different types of yarn. Techniques used are macrame, knitting, weaving and crochet with hand-dyed cord by herself! April's creations are beautiful functional art-like scarves and shelves as well as wall art that incorporates
crystals, wood, and fiber.

FB: @skeinsofvalor IG: @skeinsofvalor

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