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Dogs of the Vineyard Calendar 2023
Photoshoot, Contest & Calendar

Dogs of the Vineyard

Available for purchase for $24 with 20% going towards
Cascades Humane Society and a back page full of coupons! 

Call us during business hours to order one that can be mailed out!
Shipping costs not included.

Read about all the dogs featured in the calendar!
Get reminders for international dog days, wine days, and SCV events along with traditional holidays.

Dogs of the Vineyard

Biggy Sirmeyer,  American Bully  🐾  October 1, 2017

Biggy was crowned a champion for American Bullies.

He loves his toy pig! His sweet kisses & cuddles to

his owners and cats pair great with fruity wines!

Gus, Shichon  🐾  September 23, 2021

Gus loves to play frisbee! He can be mischievous with his youthful personality but loves to kiss everyone.
Gus pairs best with Night of the Living Red.

Reba, Cairn Terrier  🐾  July 11, 2013

You can find Reba playing with her mini tennis balls at the winery, she’s been visiting since she was 7 weeks old! She loves any dog cookies and is very independent, just like her breed!

Dory, Golden Retriever 🐾 May 16, 2019

One of our favorite childhood attractions, Dory loves relaxing with her Mom & Dad on our deck. She’s sweet, lovable, and loves having her tummy rubbed! Dory can be playful and mischievous at times. Her favorite toy is her piggy named Pink! Dory loves Sandhill Crane Vineyard’s doggy biscuits and her loving heart pairs best with Rhapsody in Red.

Ranger, Brittany Spaniel 🐾 July 7, 2019

Ranger is a true Brittany and loves hunting with her dad! He’ll chase any balls, especially the squeaky ones. Although he may always want to chase something, he is very patient while at the winery and accepts any love from the kiddos. His personality pairs best with Stout Beer!

Zoey, Mini Goldendoodle 🐾  August 17, 2020
 Zoey’s loyal to her parents and loves being with them. Zoey joins them kayaking, plays fetch with squeaky balls, and loves people in general.

Her favorite treat is some chicken!

Floki & Dembé, Toy Poodles 🐾  2018

As tall as a bottle of wine, these two are a mix of sweet and adventurous. They love bike rides, stroller rides, and belly rubs. Their favorite snack is popcorn, perfectly paired with Raspberry Rosé!

Dixie, Yorkshire Terrier 🐾  May 15, 2020

Dixie loves some meat from the SCV charcuterie board! She’s friendly but sassy, pairing her with Sassy Rosé. Loves to give kisses and her chewlulemon bag. One of her best friends is Daisy.
(Our next contestant) 

Daisy  🐾  Double Doodle 

Daisy’s not picky with treats and loves tennis balls. She gets all her

energy out with a run with dad and pairs best with Abrazo.

One of her best friends is Dixie!

Princess Cupcake, Bishon Sheltie  🐾  June 8, 2013

Princess Cupcake loves her stuffed bunny. She loves to chase tiny tennis balls and pairs best with Sassy Rosé.

Spartacus Tank Hudson 🐾 February 2, 2014

This “Baby Gorilla” is a true spartan. He Pairs well with Revenge of the Living Red and a well cooked Wolverine Pie. Sparty is a rescue who has been a part of the Huston family for 8 years. He has been a part of 3 college graduations, 2 high school graduations and only bites humans wearing maize and blue. His favorite activity is walking with mom and dad.

Jade, Brittany 🐾 October 14, 2019

Jade loves stuffies and any treat! She’s one of 3 Brittanys in the family. She’s rambunctious, sassy & so cuddly! “We call her “parrot, cat, dog” because she rubs against you like a cat, will sit on your shoulder

and… she’s a dog, of course!”

Carmen, Mutt 🐾 October 18, 2020

Carmen loves her turtle (turkle) She’s 100% Sassy Rosé - sweet with an absolute chance of TART. Carmen’s parents fostered Carmen’s Mom, Maggie, through CHS and helped bring her into the world. She’s #2 in a litter of 7 and has been an independent woman from minute one. Her favorite game is to “bring mom all of my toys until I get a treat”.

Sam, Cockapoo 🐾 October 18, 2017

Sam’s favorite toy is his chuck it ball and his favorite treat is some minties. Sam pairs best with ice wine because he’s smooth, calm and sweet. Fun Fact: Sam was on America’s Funniest Home Video’s and LOVES watching TV. He’s lazy, loyal and fun.

Pickles, Boxer 🐾 February 4, 2022

Pickles loves his tennis ball, peanut butter and beggin strips. Spoiled by his brothers age 6 & 10, he gets easily excited by people. He loves to camp and swim! Pickles pairs best with any rosé, sweet & sassy. 

Maggie, Sheepadoodle 🐾  August 4, 2019

Maggie was born in the UP and came to Grass Lake in October 2019. She loves to herd other animals and children. Her favorite toys are her stuffed penguin, “Penguinno”, and her soccer ball. She is loyal, has a ton of energy and loves to run/play nonstop. Maggie’s a wine blend that is sweet & spicy, Revenge of the Living Red.

Winne-bago, Westie 🐾 March 31, 2018

Named after the camper, Winne-bago was born to camp with her mom and dad. Her favorite toy is her lamb chop

and pairs best with Chardonnay.

Roman, Mini Bernadoodle 🐾  April 3, 2022

Roman is still learning life and has the zoomies all the time. He loves to run zoomies and wriggles all over the place. His favorite treats are stuffed animals and kong treats. He pairs best with Traminette!

Lily & Jasmine, Golden Retrievers 🐾 February 14, 2021

Mom couldn’t choose between the last two puppies, so she took them both. Lily & Jasmine love to walk, play with toys, eat anything and shed! Lily is more active while Jasmine is more of a lover.
They pair best with Revenge of the Living Red.

Myles Maverick, Aussiedoodle 🐾 September 18, 2019

Myles loves going to work with his mom at a senior living center. He loves tiny tennis balls and chicken treats! His favorite trick is a high five and favorite activity is seeing his girlfriend Aspen (below) and torturing the cat, Bleu. He pairs best with Sunday Blues because he

knows mom has to go back to work Monday. 

Aspen, Golden Retriever/Lab Mix 🐾  March 12, 2019

Aspen’s favorite toys are frisbees and squeaky tennis balls. She has 4 acres to roam and loves to swim at the lake, play ball, and stick her head out of the window in the jeep. She also loves to sleep on her back in her bed that she decides to share with mom & dad

Raymond, Boxer  🐾  June 9, 2019

Raymond was born in Ohio and moved to Michigan to live with his parents and older sister in the country. His favorite activity is to run around the yard with his blankie in his mouth and chase his older sister around. His favorite treat is anything that mom has or anything with stuffing. Raymond is sweet like Annie’s Mapleshine with a matching maple colored coat! His personality is loving &

comforting with a small touch of crazy.

Riesling “Riese” Robbins, Bernese Mountain Dog

 🐾 November 2, 2021

Riesling is a wine & cheese dog with her favorite treat being CHEESE! She’s named after the Cooper Wine from Bower’s Harbor, who is also a Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves all of her friends at daycare and is a mama’s girl. She loves cuddling, cheese, peanut butter and playing

“chase me” in her backyard.

Mitchell, Havanese Poodle 🐾 May 8, 2020

Mitch loves his sloth, Greenies and pairs best with a rosé because he’s smooth, chill and flavorful. He waited patiently in Indiana to be adopted. He loves to be silly and loves to go swimming with his frisbee.

Jameson, Irish Wolfhound 🐾  May 8, 2021

For the tallest breed of dog, Jameson is a giant baby. He has a special meaning and is so loved by his Military family. He is named after a special friends favorite drink who was KIA in Afghanistan and Jameson was his favorite drink! This dog is a healer and is so loved and special.

He loves boating and coming to the winery to get attention from everyone and loves all dogs! His favorite toys are squeaker toys and pairs best with Moscato.

Chunk, French Bull 🐾 December 2, 2021

Chunk loves his nylabone fish and puppy treats. Chillin’ Chunk pairs well with Veranda because he could lay on the porch all day. Chunk is from the Goonies litter. We kept his name because it fits him. He is 9 months old but does not act like a puppy! His favorite activity is being

lazy - all day! His favorite person is his dad.

Boy, Pit bull  🐾  August 17th

Boy loves all toys, especially kong balls and peanut butter. Boy is a moscato, extra sweet. He loves to play fetch and has an extra large smile. Boy was rescued from Jackson County Animal Shelter when he was 5 yeas old. We don’t know where he came from or what the beginning of his story is. One thing is for sure, Baby Boy is as sweet and loving as can be. Pit bulls get a bad wrap and boy is proof. Boy has a night time ritual - he gets tucked under his blankie and kisses before bed.

Olive, Yorkiepoo 🐾 February, 27 2019

Our last dog, Winnie, died prematurely from cancer. Mom wanted a dog right away, but dad didn’t. After some searching and persuasion, mom got Olive. She is the most unique dog with her authentic “snort” and wiggle. She crawls around and is friendly. She loves boys and toys but gets really excited for socks. She loves to harass her feline siblings but gets baths from one of them, Jasper, on the daily. She pairs best with Revenge of the Living Red because she’s so unique.

Duchess, Basset Hound 🐾  January 6, 2022

Duchess is a very super sociable dog who LOVES people & dogs. Her traits are drooling and napping. She like to play fetch with her football and with her family wherever they are. Her favorite treat is dried chicken liver and pairs best with sweet wine - Moscato.

Arya, Pit Mix 🐾 November 29, 2021

Arya is a spunky, silent, sweetheart. She loves long walks, meeting other dogs, long naps and car rides! Her favorite toy is a squeaky ball and loves anything peanut butter. She’s sweet and refreshing like a Rosé.

Grant, Blue tick/Golden/Irish Setter Mix 🐾 May 20, 2017

Theo, Labrador Retriever 🐾 2010

Grant loves his rainbow monkey & rawhides. He loves people and will cry for pets. Theo has been laid back since a young age and will eat anything called “treat”. They are both rescues.

Milo, Border Collie/Shepherd/Husky Mix

🐾 September 28, 2019

Milo’s favorite toy is Matteo the Monkey. He loves the water and playing ball. No squirrel or bunny is safe near him. He pairs best with Abrazo.

Scout 🐾 German Shepherd

Scout is the class/example dog for Passion Fur Paws and is also a service dog. He loves balls, working when he’s on duty, liver treats and playing with his flirt stick. "He’s very charming, attentive and smarter than me with just a touch of cockiness, pairing him with

Revenge of the Living Red."

Jasper, Golden Retriever  🐾  January 2, 2022

Jasper loves lake life and loves to spend time fishing. He is our boat security, but lets anyone on the boat. He also enjoys floating on his floaty. His favorite toy is a blue cameo duck, loves jerky for a treat and pairs best with Blue Skies on the lake. 

Rena, American Staffordshire Terrier

🐾 Gotcha day February 17, 2018

Rena was an owner surrender. Underweight, 6 puppies with sores on her. She developed a brain tumor, had radiation and is a survivor. She has recovered, but is just a bit slower. Nowadays she takes small walks and has a spot on the couch. She loves kong kickfetch, duck feet treat, and pairs best with watermelon wine. Instagram: @rena-rific

Ahsoka, English Bulldog 🐾 January 14, 2019

Ahsoka was rescued from another female dog in January of 2021. The human rescuer had to surrender her due to health issues and Ahsoka was offered to our family in April of 2021. She loves licking, being loved on and walking through South Haven. Her favorite treats are a squeak ball or fish. She pairs best with blueberry wine (Blue Skies!).

Baby, Pomeranian 🐾 June 1, 2011

Baby’s favorite toys are socks and will eat any treat. She’s a super friendly and lovable girl. She loves everyone and everything.

As you can see, she pairs best with Blue Skies.

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